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Thai Lettuce Wraps and Asparagus Risotto

May 28, 2019

Lettuce Leaves topped with seasoned pork garnished with radish.

Meal 1: Thai Lettuce Wraps and Coconut Milk Curry with Purple Sweet Potato Noodles

· Warm the curry gently. When just simmering add the noodles and allow to return to a simmer for a minute or two. Serve.

· Remove some of the garnish from the pork or TVP mix. It is very OK to be not perfect. Heat the pork/TVP mix gently in a sauté pan, A microwave might work, but I would be very gradual.

· Spoon some of the pork/ tvp mix into the bibb lettuce leaves top with garnishes and eat like little tacos.

Meal 2: Asparagus and Chevre Risotto w. Sautéed Greens and White Beans w. Roasted Turnip and Grilled Dandelion

· Bring about 1c per share of lightly salted water or broth to a simmer.

· Open the risotto jar and remove and reserve the chevre, and then the asparagus.

· Turn the risotto out into a sauce pan. Over medium heat add some of the hot liquid from above and stir it in. Raise the heat and stir adding more liquid as necessary to make a porridge like consistency. Stir and cook until the rice loses all of its raw starchy taste, but still has a strong texture like pasta ( al dente) - about 5 minutes. Check and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Finish with butter, cream, fancy oils or what have you. You can also fold in the chevre at this point, or crumble and serve on top.

· Sauté the asparagus in a hot pan with a little oil, butter, or other fat. Serve atop or folded into the risotto.

· Sauté the greens similarly, season with a little salt and serve.

· Heat the beans in the sauté pan, folding together and heating through.

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