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Sustainable, Whole Food Plant Based Meals


We created the CSK model in 2007.  Then, as now, we focus on what matters most: Featuring each season's culinary highlights in great meals that deliver well and prepare fast at home.

Because we are membership based and family run we focus our time and money on premium local produce, grains, meat, eggs and dairy.  Our unique model and decades of expertise allow us to deliver higher quality ingredients in better meals at the same price as our competitors.  

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We did it first.  We still do it best.

Quality Control of 1

Either Kate made it or Ben made it.  It is that simple.  We are literally a mom and pop business and quality is under our direct, professional control  from the moment we conceive of the weeks menu until the moment we deliver it to your door. No shortcuts, no hacks, no compromise.  Just a chef's attention to detail in each cut, each leaf, each layer of flavor in your meals. MY attention to detail.

Local Food Year Round

No other meal delivery service in Madison goes to our lengths to deliver farm-to-table to your front door year 'round for about $13.  Each summer we embark upon a great effort to procure, harvest, process and store  800 lbs. of tomato.  15 cases of sweet corn. Hundreds of dried peppers.  80 lbs. of green chiles.  1100 lbs. of onions. Plus over a ton (literally!) of winter crops like cabbages, squash, beets, turnips, spinach, leeks, carrots, parsnips and more. During the growing season we are at the West Side Community Market bright and early every Saturday.  I'm the bearded guy with the cases of produce going to and from his van.  Stop me and find out what's on the menu that week!

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Relationships are what make the CSK model run.  It is from knowing Bill that we ensure our members get his out-of-this-world Sung Haven spinach all winter.  It is because Diana of Dreamfarm gives us a heads up when the herd is drying down that we know when to stock the freezer with her superior chevre to stud pizzas, polenta, or beet salads through February.  It is because Chris trusts me on his property that he lets me forage morels to include in your meals each Spring.

Moreover, we work directly with several farmers to develop specialty crops which meet our kitchen needs while helping them test new crops and develop new market streams.  Other farms custom grow crops for us with purchasing guarantees in place to ensure that we have the local food we need , and they have the promise that crop is sold before the first seeds even sprout. 

These relationships ensure we have access to the best local produce all year long.

We don't just utilize the local food system. 

We, and our members, are a part of it.

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Family Farms First!

 75% of our food dollars go to local farming families. We are committed to supporting organic, sustainably run farms. If we wouldn't feed it to our children, we won't feed it to you.  We know how our growers grow, we visit their farms, meet them directly at market and assure that everything going into our meals is nutritious and loaded with the vitamins and minerals that build us up.


No Food Waste = Better Meals for You!

One asset of the CSK is efficiency. Unlike retail food businesses which buy food for all menu items and hope to sell it, we buy exactly what we need each week for our members.  This limits food waste, and allows us the liberty of procuring top shelf items like Snug Haven Spinach, Dreamfarm chevre, Harmony Valley Ramps and other premium items throughout the year.  Because of this, other services simply cannot compete with our quality.  All of our kitchen scraps are composted by our chickens

Zero-Waste Packaging

We use glass jars and dishes for most food packaging.  These jars are cleaned by our customers and returned to us each week. We handle inspection and sanitization.   In 2019 we will be moving to biodegradable bags for our salads and greens and to alternative  plastic-free packaging for our breads as well.

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