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Combining the best ingredients of each season with classic techniques is why our food tastes so good.   We do not compromise on ingredient quality.


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Based in Dunn, Wi, Kristen manages 6 beautiful acres.  We work with her weekly to discuss menu plans. If she has surplus to harvest, or needs to get things out of the fields before something happens to it, we adjust our menus to accommodate.  This is the epitome of what our business relationships mean to us.

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We are lucky to have landed right off HWY 14 as it connects us to all of the Driftless area farmers doing amazing work.  Driftless Organics is foremost among them. We eat their stored root crops all winter long and the quality is unsurpassed.

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I highly recommend that you are always friends with at least one goat farmer. We are fortunate Diana Murphy is ours.  Her cheese is exceptional, her farm truly is a dream and there is no other soft cheese we would rather use to add creaminess to our pizzas, salads and pasta dishes.  Plus: goats! They are ridiculously cute and will always make your day better.

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Just to be clear, not all gluten is created equal.  When making bread, we exclusively use wheat from Lonesome Stone Milling.  Their high protein bread flours provide the sustaining comfort that good bread can bring to your table.  Adding other nutritious whole grains like flax, spelt, millet, semolina  and nutrient dense seeds fortify our many bread recipes.

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Thanks to a strong working relationship we are among the few able to feature Bill's amazing Frost Sweetened Spinach all winter long to our members.  The quality is unsurpassed and Bill is regionally renowned among farmers for his winter produce.  His greens redefine what spinach is. Bill sells to Madison's best and we are proud to be among them.

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