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Sopes and Borscht

Borscht, Kasha and Bowties, Frissee Salad

  • Mix the borscht well and serve chilled.

  • Heat a generous few pats of butter in a sauté pan. When hot add the kasha and bowties. Toss. Allow to heat through and become fragrant. Serve.

  • Dress the salad.

Sopes with Black Bean Chili and Sweet Corn/Asparagus Succotash

  • Heat the chili in a sauce pan or even the microwave.

  • Cook the succotash in a sauté pan with a little hot oil, tossing it to heat through and dress evenly with the oil.

  • Turn out the masa mixture. Divide into 2 pieces per share. Form the pieces into disks about 3/8" thick and the size of your palm. Perfection is not imperative here.

  • Follow the video instructions for cooking the sopes. We have found t is OK to skip the toasting part and to just shape them into disks, and then pan fry them in plenty of oil.

  • Serve the chili and succotash atop the sopes and garnish with sour cream etc.

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