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Zucchini Latkes and Sloppy Joes

Zucchini Latkes, Cucumber Salad, Red and Green Lettuce w. Chick Peas

  • Pour off any excess water. Stir the latke batter and season with a couple pinches of salt. We did not salt them at all to prevent wateriness, and you definitely do want a proper seasoning with these little fritters. Add a little flour if absolutely necessary, but likely avoidable - its ok to leave excess liquid in the jar or bowl as you spoon these out.

  • Heat oil in a sauté pan - enough to just cover the bottom of the pan. When almost - but not- smoking hot add dollops of batter approximately 2T in size. Flatten them out. Moderate the heat about medium to ensure they latkes are frying nicely but not burning on the edges. Maybe try one or two before going all in.

  • When the edges are browned and the middle is set up, turn the latkes to fry the other side. Expect about 2 minutes per side. These cook a little faster than potato latkes. Transfer to a rack or paper towels to drain.

  • Potato latke video below for reference.

  • Serve the cucumbers chilled.

  • Dress the salad.

Sloppy Joes on Challah Rolls, Pickled Beets, Pan Fried Potatoes

  • Warm the rolls.

  • Heat the Joe - a microwave is fine. Serve on the rolls - we like open face.

  • Serve the beets chilled.

  • Cut the potatoes crosswise into approximately 1/2" thick rounds. Heat a little oil and/or butter in a sauté pan. When hot add the potato rounds. Brown each side, season and serve hot. Expect 2 minutes per side over medium to medium high.

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