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Zucchini Latkes and Green Bean Casserole

Meal 1: Green Bean Casserole, Spelt Loaves, Pickled Beets

· Transfer the casserole filling to a, uh, casserole dish. Warm the filling briefly in the microwave to get the chill out. Top with the seasoned onions and bake at 350° for 10-20 minutes depending on share size. Serve hot.

· Warm the bread.

· Serve the beets chilled.

Meal 2: Zucchini Latkes, Cucumber Salad, Summercrisp Lettuce Salad

· Tip the jar of latke batter into a mixing bowl. Pour off any excess water. Season it well with salt and fold to combine. Add a little cornmeal, or other flour to bind the batter if necessary.

· Heat oil or butter in a sauté pan over medium heat. When hot, add dollops of the batter to the pan and flatten them a bit with a spatula. Plan on about 4 latkes per share. Do not crowd the pan. Work in batches.

· Allow a good 3 minutes per side over medium heat to brown the latkes. They have more water and therefore cook more gradually, and require more patient heat than potato latkes. Flip with a spatula to cook both sides. Drain on paper towel. Serve with some yogurt and fresh herbs. basil is particularly good.

· Dress the salad.

· Serve the cucumber salad chilled.

Latkes Refresher

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