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Tomato Curry w. Paneer and Koftas w. Couscous

Meal 1: Beef or Cheese Kofta, Israeli Couscous w. Oil Cured Tomatoes, Chick Peas w. Roasted Eggplant

· Heat the beef kofta either by warming in the oven at 325 for about 10 minutes, or by slicing crosswise into thick 'rounds' and then lightly frying in olive oil over medium high to brown both sides.

· Vegetarian: Form the cheese mixture into patties about 1/2" thick and 2.5" in diameter. Plan ~4 per person. Compress the disk well and shape evenly with your hands. Pan fry over medium heat in a litte oil. Brown each side well. About a full minute per side.

· Remove the kofta pieces ( if heating in a pan) and add the couscous to the pan and toss to heat and brown lightly. Serve with the kofta.

· Heat the chick peas gently in a sauce pan folding the eggplant garnish in. Add a little water if necessary, season, and simmer. Serve aside the kofta and couscous.

Meal 2: Paneer and Vatana Peas w. Tomato Curry, Yellow Dal w. Collard & Potato, Grilled Flatbread

· Heat the yellow dal and collards to heat in a saucepan. Add a little water if necessary , season and allow to simmer 2-3 minutes, cooking the greens.

· Warm the bread in a toaster, oven, in a dry pan or over a gas burner if you are comfortable with that.

· Take the block of paneer and cut into cubes about 3/4" square. Precision is not critical here.

· Heat a well seasoned or nonstick pan with a little oil over medium. When hot, add the cheese cubes carefully. The will begin to brown in about 30 seconds or so. Turn them individually to brown the opposite side. When browned on the second side, add the sauce and peas to the pan allowing it all to bubble and combine. Fold together, allow to heat through and serve.

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