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Sheppard's Pie and Max's Soup

Meal 1: Sheppard's Pie and Oatmeal Cookie Bar

· Microwave the pie to get the chill out then heat at 350° for 10 -30 minutes depending on share size and preheat intensity. When bubbling up the sides and the topping has begun to brown, serve.

· Enjoy the cookie bar for dessert. Top with a little ice cream and treat yourself!

Meal 2: Max's Super Green Spinach Soup, Semolina Boule, Kamut Salad w. Honey-Chile Vinaigrette

· Heat the soup gently and serve when just warm to preserve the color.

· Warm the bread.

· Toss the kamut with its dressing. Season with S and P, add a little olive oil if necessary and serve.

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