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Roasted Radishes and Baby Bok Choi

Meal 1: Pan Roast of Spring Radish, Potato, Spinach & Pork or Beans, Semolina- Spelt Batard, Bibb Lettuce Salad

· Heat the stew to just a simmer.

· Dress the salad.

· Warm the bread.

Meal 2: Sesame Noodles with Baby Bok Choi Stirfry and Baked Tofu

· Add the noodles to a mixing bowl. Microwave the Peanut-Sesame sauce briefly and in bursts to just warm it a little. Stir into the noodles.

· Separate the larger choi leaves from the bag and cut crosswise into 1" pieces.

· Heat a sauté pan over high. When hot add a little oil. When the oil begins to smoke add the vegetables and stir, but do not toss. Add a little sale and stir and fold until wilted, bright, and a little softened. Serve beside the noodles. Larger shares should work in batches to not crowd the pan, thus reducing it's temperature. Stirfry is all about heat.

· Serve the tofu slightly warmed in the microwave, or at room temp is fine too. Slice crosswise and serve with the noodles and veg.

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