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Pasta e Fagioli and Cauliflower 'Fried Rice'

Meal 1: Pasta e Fagioli w. Lacinato Kale, Whole Wheat Batard w. Sesame, Spinach Salad

· Warm the soup in a saucepan.

· Warm the bread.

· Dress the salad.

Meal 2: Pork or TVP Cauliflower 'Fried Rice,' Braised Tofu and Radish, Stir Fried Bok Choi and Tatsoi

· Heat a medium to large sauté pan with a little oil. Nonstick or well seasoned cast iron is great. When the oil is just smoking add the cauliflower rice. Stir. Allow to brown a little and stir again. Season with salt. Cook about 2 minutes. Transfer to a serving platter and reserve. Large shares should cook in batches. Crowding the pan will drop the pan temp and prevent a good stir fry.

· Add the pork or TVP 'sauce' to the pan. Allow to heat and begin to fry. Add the cauli rice back to the pan with the hot meat/TVP. Stir/ toss to combine and serve together on the platter.

· Reheat the pan adding a little oil. Add the greens and stirfry 1-2 minutes to wilt and brighten. Season lightly and serve on a platter.

Reheat the pan over medium.Shake the tofu jar carefully but well so the starch at the bottom is evenly distributed through the sauce.Transfer the jar contents to the pan ( careful! it will splatter) and allow to heat and thicken at an even simmer. About 2 minutes should allow the tofu to heat, the radish to cook and the sauce to coat everything well.

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