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Pasta Bolognese and French Potato-Cabbage Stew

Meal 1: Spaghetti Con Funghi or Bolognese, Sautéed Tuscan Kale

· Heat some salted water to a boil. About a quart per share.

· Heat the sauce to a simmer in a large sauté pan.

· When the sauce is simmering and the water is boiling plunge the pasta into the water. After 30 seconds or so, when the pasta is hot, drain the pasta through a strainer and add to the sauce. Toss and stir to combine and serve. Grated hard cheese on top is great.

· Sauté the kale in a sauté pan with a little butter or olive oil. Do not let the oil, if you are using, get too hot and smoke. Toss, allowing to wilt, brighten, and soften a bit. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

Meal 2: French Potato and Cabbage Stew w. or w.out Pork and Roasted Leeks, Semolina Flax Baguette, Spicy Greens Salad

· Heat the stew gently. Allow to simmer 3- 5 minutes to allow the cabbage to become fully tender. Serve.

· Warm the bread. Serve with soft butter and a sprinkle of salt.

· Dress and serve the salad.

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