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Parsnip Soup and 2 Curries

Meal 1: Parsnip Soup, Organic Red Butterhead Salad, Hybrid Sourdough Batard

· Heat the soup, warm the bread and dress the salad. If you have some soft brie-like cheese, use that on the bread. We will. We recommend Fromageur d'Affinois, St. Andre, and especially the hometown hero: Uplands Cheese Rush Creek Reserve.

Meal 2: Green Lentils w. Tomato and Paneer, Golden Turnips in Fresh Turmeric Curry, Coconut Rice Salad

· Heat the curries gently. Allow the lentil curry to simmer for 3-5 minutes and reduce the sauce to thicken it a bit.

· Cut the paneer into ~3/4" cubes and pan fry in a little oil. A nonstick or well seasoned pan is great. Serve the paneer atop the lentil curry.

· Heat a little oil or butter in a saute pan. When hot, add the rice. Allow the rice to brown lightly before stirring. Then stir and toss to heat and serve hot, topping with the curries.

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