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Panzanella and Spinach Curry

Meal 1: Escarole, Pea Shoot & Spicy Greens Bread Salad with Parsnip Bisque

· Warm the soup gently, stirring in the chives. It can also be served chilled.

· Combine the salad and its garnishes - chick peas, radish, carrot, Hakuri turnip ( if not already combined) and arrange on a large platter.

· Toast the croutons either by baking at 350 on a cookie sheet until hot and lightly crisped while still staying soft inside. Toss the salad with the hot croutons and some dressing - oil and vinegar is great - and serve.

Meal 2: Spinach and Coconut Milk Curry, Kidgeree, Roasted Cauliflower

· Heat the curry gently.

· Heat the cauliflower in a sauté pan with a little butter. Toss and allow to heat through. Serve when hot.

Heat some butter or oil( or both) in a sauté pan. When hot add the kidgeree ( rice and split lentils) Shake the pan lightly but do not stir yet. Let fry a minute or so, allowing the rice to brown lightly. Stir and repeat the process. When hot, serve.

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