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Mushroom Pot Pie and Red Lentil Soup

Meal 1: Red Lentil Soup, Grilled Spiced Flatbreads, Golden Beets w. Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette

· Heat the soup gently, folding in the parsley and oil cured sun dried tomatoes. Garnish with a little olive oil and serve.

· Heat the flatbread in a toaster, oven, over an open flame or in a dry skillet. I also like to cut them in quarters and to toast the flatbread in a little olive oil in a pan - like pita croutons.

· Toss the beets with their dressing and serve at room temp.

Meal 2: Wild Mushroom & Vegetable Pot Pie w. Crumble Topping, Snug Haven Spinach Salad

· Microwave the pot pie filling to get the chill out and then transfer to a baking dish. Fold carefully to incorporate everything. Bake at 325° until hot. 10 -25 minutes depending on share size. Add the crumble topping, heat 5 minutes more and serve.

· Tear the spinach leaves, dress, and serve.

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