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Golden Turnip Bisque and Fried Rice

Meal 1: Golden Turnip Bisque, Escarole Salad, Semolina-Spelt-Flax Batard

· Gently bring the soup to a simmer.

· Warm the bread and serve with soft butter.

· Dress the salad OR Sauté the escarole and garnishes in butter and serve as a side.

Meal 2: Fried Rice w Pork/TVP Fried Rice and Egg, Stirfried Vegetables, Baked Tofu

· Get a large sauté pan with some oil in it hot. Non-stick is great.

· When just about smoking hot add the rice/ meat mix. Stir and allow to get hot and brown a little in the pan. When hot transfer to a serving dish.

· Reheat the pan w. oil as above. When hot add the vegetables carefully. Large shares should work in batches. When wilted and lightly browned add the rice toss to combine and serve. Those working in batches should transfer the batches to the rice serving platter, and then combine all at the end in the pan to finish heat and combine.

· The tofu is likely best warmed briefly in a microwave. You can also pan fry it or enjoy at room temp. I like it dipped in spicy mayonnaise.

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