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Fattoush and Sweet Corn Chili

Fattoush: Grilled Flatbread Salad w. Romaine, Herbed Chicken/Chick Peas, Feta Cheese, and Orzo

  • Arrange the romaine in a large serving platter.

  • Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick sauté pan. Cut the flatbreads into pieces and toast them in the hot oil. Toss into the greens. Reheat and oil the pan.

  • Add the chicken and chick peas. Toss and allow to heat/ Add to the salad. Reheat and oil the pan.

  • Add the feta to the salad, then toss the orzo into the hot pan. Stir and allow to heat through and add to the salad. Toss all together and serve.

Sweet Corn Chili and baby Bibb Salad

  • Heat the chili gently.

  • Dress the salad.

  • Enjoy!

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