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Channa Dal and Enchiladas

Meal 1: Channa Dal with Potato, Onion Bhajis, Kidgeree

· Warm the chick pea curry gently on the stovetop on in a microwave, thin a little if necessary and adjust the seasoning.

· Heat some oil in non stick saute pan. When hot add dollops of batter to the oil and flatten slightly to make 'pancakes'. Allow to brown, about 2 minutes per side over medium heat. Plan 3-4 bhajis per share and work in batches. Serve with yogurt.

· Heat a little butter or oil in a sauté pan. When hot add the rice and allow it to brown a little and become fragrant before stirring. Stir, toss and allow to heat through. Serve.

Meal 2: Bean and Cheese Enchiladas on Spanish Rice, Sautéed Greens

· Give the enchiladas a quick zap to get the chill out and bake at 325 for 15-30 minutes depending on share size.

· Heat the sauce. Microwave is fine.

· When the enchis are heated ( test with a knife tip, kitchen thermometer, or just an eye test) top with the sauce and bake 5 minutes more. Serve

· Sauté the greens with oil or butter. Add a pinch of salt. Serve when wilted and bright green.

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