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Hot and Sour Hot Pot and Moroccan Chick Peas

Updated: May 1

Hot and Sour Soup Hot Pot w. Napa cabbage, Wood Ear Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots, Silken Tofu and Shanghi Pulled Noodles

  • Heat the soup gently to a simmer.

  • When hot carefully add the jar of garnishes including the tofu, noodles and cabbage.

  • Stir to mix evenly. Use a spoon, butter knife etc to cut the silken tofu into chunks. Separate the noodles - they are a little persnickety.

  • Allow to return to a simmer and heat through.

  • Serve.

Moroccan Chick Peas, Pan Roasted Potatoes w. Turmeric Butter, Blue Moon Mixed Greens

  • Heat the chick peas gently and allow to simmer.

  • Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise. Cut each half in half lengthwise again. Cross cut the split halves 3-5 times depending on the size of the potato so you get approximately 3/4" chunks.

  • Heat a little butter or oil in a nonstick or well seasoned pan. When hot but not smoking add the potato. Fry to brown the potato on 2 sides. About 2-3 minutes per side. When browned, lower the heat and add the spiced turmeric butter. Toss to combine. Serv and top with the hot chick peas.

  • Dress the greens and serve on the side of the chick peas and potato.

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