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Cavatappi w. Summer Squash Ragu and Three Bean Chili

Meal 1: Cavatappi with Summer Squash Ragu and Pesto Ricotta Cheese & Escarole/Frissee Salad

· Heat the ragu in a large sauté pan.

· Pre warm the pasta briefly in the microwave, or, especially with large shares, plunge into boiling salted water briefly. Drain and fold into the ragu allowing the noodles to be dressed evenly. Fold in the ricotta cheese (or serve on top) and serve

· Dress the salad.

Meal 2: Three Bean Chili (con Carne), Southwestern Polenta, Cucumbers with Cumin and Annatto

· Cut the large squares of polenta into 4-6 smaller squares. Heat some oil or butter in a non-stick or well seasoned pan. Place the pieces into the hot fat, 'skin side' down. Allow them to brown - about 3-4 minutes. Turn the pieces and brown the opposite side. Reserve on a serving platter.

· Heat the chili in a sauce pan. Thin if necessary and adjust the seasoning w. salt and pepper. Serve atop the polenta.

· Serve the cucumbers chilled.

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