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Cauliflower Fried 'Rice' and Kabocha Tom Yum

NOTE: There are 2 bags of vegetables for stir fry. One is only tat soi (pictured above) and goes with the curry, the other is a mix of napa, red cabbage, collards, etc. and goes with the 'rice.'

Meal 1: Pork or Veggie Fried Cauliflower 'Rice', Vegetable Stir Fry and Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

· Remove and reserve the egg and meat/ TVP crumbles from the top of the jar containing the 'rice.' ( Larger shares are packed separate.)

· Heat a little oil in a sauté pan. When smoking hot add the rice and stir and fry allowing the rice to cook and brown lightly. Add a little salt and oil if needed. Sesame oil is a nice addition. Cook in batches if necessary and transfer to a serving dish. Next add the meat to the pan and allow it to fry and sizzle. Vegetarians will need to add oil and stir well to keep the TVP from sticking. When hot and fragrant, add some or all of the 'rice' back to the pan, fold together, add the egg, fold again, and serve combining all the cauli rice, meat crumbles, and egg.

· Re-heat and re-oil the pan and stir fry the mixed cabbages as above.

· Shake the tofu jar well, but carefully, and add the contents to a hot pan over medium heat. It will bubble and spit a bit, so be careful. Stir or toss well as the sauce thickens and coats the tofu, allowing the tofu to cook through and poach in the sauce. About 2 minutes. Serve.

Meal 2: Kabocha Squash Tom Yum with Spiced Noodles and Stir Fried Tat Soi

· Heat the coconut milk curry gently over medium heat. Allow it to come to a simmer. Simmer 1 minute.

· Divide the noodles into bowls and microwave very briefly just to get the chill out. Top with the hot curry and stir to incorporate.

· Heat a little oil in a sauté pan. When hot add the chopped tat soi and stir and fry until bright green. Add a pinch of salt, toss, and serve beside or mixed in with the curry and noodles.

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