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White Gazpacho and Zucchini Latkes

Meal 1: Zucchini Latkes, Marinated Cheese and Chick Peas, Pickled Beets

· Turn the latke batter out into a bowl. Season with salt. We omitted this completely to prevent wateriness. Mix. Fold in a little flour or cornmeal or bean flour to bind the batter a bit. Breadcrumbs work too. The video below for reference is of potato latkes, but the process is the same.

· Heat some neutral oil in a non stick pan over medium high. When hot add dollops of batter. Flatten them if needed and allow to brown well, about 2 minutes. Turn carefully and cook the other side. Cook in batches, expect about 3 latkes per share. Add oil as necessary to fry and not toast the latkes.

· Serve the cheese and chick peas salad at room temp.

· Serve the beets chilled.

Meal 2: White Gazpacho, Grilled Spiced Flatbread, Oakleaf and Romaine Salad

· Serve the soup chilled.

· Warm the bread over an open burner, briefly in a microwave or in a toaster, or even in a dry or lightly oiled pan. You could even quarter them and fry them in a generous amount of oil.

Dress and serve the salad.

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