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Pozole and Fried Rice

Pozole and Blue Moon Lettuce Mix Salad

  • Heat the pozole and allow it to simmer 2-3 minutes. Serve

  • Dress the salad and enjoy on the side.

Vegetable or Pork Fried Rice and Tofu & Diakon with Chili-Miso Sauce

  • Vegetarians - remove the egg from atop your rice and reserve.

  • Heat a non stick or well season pan over medium/ medium high. When the oil is hot carefully add the tofu cubes. Brown at least 4 sides, turning them with tongs or a fork to do so. Add the radish cubes. Toss. Reserve.

  • Reheat the pan. Increase the heat to high. Add just a little oil and allow it to get smoking hot. Add the rice ( and pork). Stir and fry, moving the rice mixture to spread across the pan evenly. Stir frequently, allowing the rice to get hot and fragrant, and even brown a little , but not to burn. When hot, transfer to a large serving platter. Large shares should work in batches.

  • Reheat and oil the pan. Add the vegetables when the pan is hot. Stir and fry. When bright and slightly wilted ( 1-2 minutes) tip some or all of the rice back in. Toss and fold to combine. Vegetarians add the egg now. Serve.

  • Return the pan to medium heat. Add the tofu and radish. Shake the miso sauce ver very well. Pour over the tofu and radish. It will splutter and splatter and thicken. Toss to coat the tofu/veg. Serve when the sauce is thick and coating the tofu/diakon well - 1-2 minutes or less if your pan is properly hot.

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