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Pork and Vegetable Fried Rice and Escarole Pizzas

Red Onion and Escarole Flatbread Pizza, Roasted Chick Peas, and Escarole/ Romaine Salad

  • Heat the pizzas at 450 for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet, or until the edges of the cheese just begin to brown.

  • Heat a little oil in a nonstick sauté pan. When hot but not quite smoking add the chickpeas. Toss. pan fry and allow to brown - about 1.5 minutes. Toss, brown lightly again, season with salt and serve. Use the video and picture for reference.

  • Dress the salad.

Pork and/or Vegetable Fried Rice, Tofu w. Peanut Sauce

  • Heat a little oil in a sauté pan. Open the tofu, pat dry, and cut into 1" cubes. Pat dry again. When the oil is hot but not quite smoking add the cubes and pan fry them browning on at least 4 sides. Use tongs to turn them.

  • Remove the browned tofu to a serving plate and reserve. Warm the peanut sauce briefly in the microwave. Reserve all until the rice is cooked. Once the rice is cooked pour the warm sauce over the warm tofu and serve beside the rice - but cook the rice dish first.

  • Heat a little oil in a large sauté pan. When smoking hot, add the vegetables. Stir and fry (but don't toss). Add a little salt, and stir again. Use a lid to speed things and maybe a tiny splash of water. When lightly browned in spots, bright, and just softened, transfer to a serving plate and reserve. Large shares should work in batches - don't crowd the pan.

  • Remove the shredded egg from atop the rice and reserve. Microwave the rice in the jar briefly just to get the chill out.

  • Working in batches as above, oil and heat the sauté pan. When smoking hot, carefully add the rice. Stir fry to heat through and very lightly brown in places. Lid briefly if needed.

  • When the rice is hot and fragrant, fold the vegetables into the rice and stir or toss to combine. Add in the egg and toss again. Serve. Again, large shares should work in batches cooking off all the rice, using a serving plate to hold the hot rice like the veggies, and then combining hot rice with warm veggies in batches. Serve.

  • Sauce the tofu and serve.

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