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Pad Thai and Cream of Broccoli

Meal 1: Pad Thai and Kohlrabi Pickle

· Remove the egg from atop the meat/less sauce jar. Warm the sauce briefly in a microwave.

· Loosen the noodles if necessary by sprinkling them with a little water and tossing. Drain well.

· Heat some neutral oil in a large non stick skillet. When hot, carefully add the noodles. Wet noodles will splatter like hell, so be careful. Allow the noodles to turn clear. When they are clear, add the sauce. Toss and use a utensil to combine the sauce with the noodles. Transfer to s serving platter. Wipe out the pan with paper towel.

· Heat the non stick pan with a little oil. When smoking hot add the vegetables and stir fry allowing the veggies to brown a little, brighten and wilt slightly. 1 to 2 minutes. Season with a tiny pinch of salt. Large shares should work in batches. When nearly done, and the egg, toss and serve atop the noodles.

· Serve the Pickle chilled

Meal 2: Cream of Broccoli Soup, Semolina & Flax Fat Batard, Romaine and Frissee Salad

· The soup can be warmed gently or served chilled.

· Enjoy the bread with a little olive oil or butter. Warm slightly if needed.

· Dress the salad.

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