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We pioneered the CSK model in 2007 .

We buy direct from the best farmers in the area.  Each year 75% of our food dollars go directly to these farmers.  The remaining quarter is spent through co-ops and local businesses to procure organic whole grains, beans, oils, nuts, and flours not produced in our region.  

As we work toward zero-waste we package meals in mason jars and commercial glassware.  We are transitioning to compostable bags for greens, salad mixes, and baked goods.

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Farm-to-table for about $13/meal

The 608 Community Supported Kitchen (608 CSK) is a subscription, meal-delivery service.  

  • Meals are packaged in returnable or compostable packaging and delivered to your home on Tuesdays. 

  • Meals finish at home in about 10 minutes.

  • Membership entitles you to a 'share' of each of the two meals we prepare every week.  One share is equivalent to one adult portion of both meals.  A typical couple will want 2 shares.

  • Our cuisine is eclectic but classical. Vegetarian is our baseline.  We add meat to omnivore shares when fitting.  See our weekly menus here.

  • Payment occurs at the start of each month and membership is month-to-month.


"I'm grateful for the delicious, healthy food prepared by Kate and Ben and delivered to my door. My kids love the meals, and it means less work (and clean-up) for me. I would recommend this to anyone who would like more time to enjoy the evening or needs a little help getting quality meals on the table."


As my husband says every time we get our meals, "These people can COOK!". You have made us like things we haven't heard of or thought we didn't like. Kids have enjoyed almost everything,too. Love this service!!!

-K. Slack

I love all of the meals! They are unique, fresh, flavorful, healthy and beyond restaurant quality. The packaging is environmentally friendly, and the convenience of having it delivered to our door makes it priceless!

- E.R.

We deliver the best quality food without compromise because we love it and it matters. 

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