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Split Pea Soup and Chili

The 608 CSK

October 25, 2022

Meal 1: Split Pea Soup, Mixed Greens Salad, Semolina Spelt Loaves

· Heat the soup to a gentle simmer.

· Warm the bread and serve with soft butter.

· Dress the salad (the greens with carrots).

Meal 2: Chili, Sopes and Slaw

· Transfer the sope batter to a bowl and season with a couple pinches of salt per share and mix.

· Shape them simply like burger patties in your hands. Plan 2 or 3 sopes per share.

· Follow the cooking instructions in the video (https://www.608csk.com/post/pasta-shells-and-sopes). Written instructions below:

· Toast them first in a dry pan 1 minute per side, then fry in a good amount of fat over medium heat about 3 minutes per side.

· Remove the chili from the jar into pot. Heat through and serve atop the sopes.

· Place Slaw kit in bowl, add dressing (smallest jar), sprinkle with salt to season, mix and serve aside the chili and sopes.

· Arrange the greens in large serving bowls. Top with the beets, chick peas/ chicken, and cheese.

· Reheat and re-oil the pan. Add the large croutons and toast each side. Add to the salad, dress, toss and serve all together.

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