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Red Lentil Soup and Panzanella

Red Lentil Soup w. Spinach, Grilled Flatbreads w. Hummus and Baba ghanouj

  • Allow the hummus/baba ghanouj to come up to room temp.

  • Lightly toast the flatbreads and use to scoop up the dips.

  • Heat the soup allowing it to come to a simmer.


  • Heat a little butter or oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. When hot add the large croutons and toast them lightly on all sides. Add fat as needed. Transfer them to large serving bowls.

  • Add more oil or butter to the pan. When hot add the salad mix and sauté it very briefly then tip it onto the croutons and toss all together.

  • Finally add the additional garnishes( beans, potato, cheese etc) and toss together. Serve with additional olive oil and vinegar if desired.

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