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Fried Rice and 2 Curries

Meal 1: Pork or TVP Fried Rice w. Stir-Fried Vegetables& Daikon Radish in Soybean Sauce

· Heat oil in a large, well seasoned or non stick pan over high. When smoking hot, add the rice carefully and stir to distribute. Fry 1 minute stir again. Some browning is good. Continue to stir and fry to heat and allow the rice to become fragrant. Transfer to a serving plate.

· Re-oil and heat the pan. Add as much of the vegetables as the pan can hold without overcrowding it. Work in batches if needed. Stir and fry 1-2 minutes to brighten and lightly wilt the vegetables. They should brown a little too. Season lightly with salt. Serve atop the rice.

· Return the pan to medium and let it settle a little.

· Shake up the radish jar and carefully pour out into the pan. Add a very little bit of water if necessary. No more than 1 oz per share. Allow the sauce to reduce and lightly braise the radish. The finished sauce should coat the radish nicely. 3-4 minutes. Serve.

Meal 2: Curried Green Lentils w. Turnip, Spinach in Coconut Milk and Herb Biryani

· Heat the lentils gently.

· Ditto the spinach curry. Stir to combine and heat evenly.

· Pan fry the rice in hot butter: Add the rice to the hot butter and do not stir immediately. Allow to brown 1bout 2 minutes, then toss, brown lightly again and serve. Use non stick or a well seasoned pan.

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