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Brussels Sprouts Pan Roast and Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe on Challah Rolls, Pan Fried Potato, Pickled Beets

  • Split and toast the rolls.

  • Heat the joe stovetop or microwave.

  • Serve the joe on the rolls. Best openface.

  • Serve the beets at room temp.

  • Heat some butter or oil ( a mix of both is best ) to medium high in a well seasoned or nonstick pan. When hot add the cubed potato chunks. Give them a little shake then let them fry about 2 minutes to get a nice crisped gold 'n'brown on the down side before turning or tossing them to brown at least one other side and heatting through. Season with SnP or another mix you prefer, and serve hot.

Brussels Sprouts Pan Roast, Sesame Semolina Batard, Blue Moon Lettuce Mix

  • Microwave the pan roast base briefly to get the chill out.

  • Cut the brussels sprouts in half lengthwise.

  • Heat a little butter, oil, or best of all bacon fat to medium high in a saute pan. When hot add the sprouts. Toss, season with salt, toss again and try to get them face down in the pan. A fork is useful. Moderate the heat as needed to brown and not burn the cut face. About 2 minutes. Toss and cook 1 minute more. Add fat as needed, then a dash of water and lid about 1 minute. They should brighten evenly. Add the pan roast base of canellini beans, squash,potato, and rutabaga. Toss/ stir all to combine and bring to a simmer. *If you have it: cook off some chunked up bacon first, reserve the lardons, proceed as above and add them back at the end before serving.

  • Warm the bread and serve with soft butter.

  • Dress the salad.

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